Thursday, July 25, 2013

Working Project

So I showed these projects from a recent class over at Scrapbooks Plus just a few posts ago.
Fringe Festival has been going on, and this was my first year to go see any of the shows. It's actually going on through this weekend here and there will be some more shows coming in the fall. It's a worldwide thing... here is a link to our local Fringe stuff. The book at the top of that pile I decided would make a great place to hold my Fringe thoughts, pics, etc.... It has a TON of pages and I love the idea that I can pull that ring binding out to slip in things like postcards and menus. I've made a good start with some journalling. I haven't printed any photos yet, and it needs lots more embellishing, but here is a short video to show you my progress so far.


Thanks for watching!

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