Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gelli Plate Class!

Ok so Scrapbooks Plus which is my LSS has some AWESOME CLASSES! Recently I took a class called: Magical Gelliplate Trilogy. I learned many MANY techniques on using a Gellipolate, which I HAVE to reccommend! OMG you can make the most lovely things with inexpensive acrylic paint, and the Gelli plate. I had heard of the Gelli plate before on PaperClipping Round Table's podcast (you can subscribe through iTunes or listen online.) Julie Fei-Fan Balzar was the first person I heard talking about the Gelli plate. I can't tell you how fun and how immediate these results are!!

The class was really ambitious. We were supposed to complete THREE books while in class, one book is a sample book that is basically a list of techniques we used with an example of each. And guess what...I finished all three books in the 5 hour timeframe we had for the class!!! I was OVERJOYED!!

Here are my projects:

My favorite is that lovely canvas book that has the measuring tape closure... the outside of the canvas is gelliplated. I can't tell you how quick it is to make awesome art with this plate! I didn't buy anything else to take this class, just the plate I already had a lot of acrylic paints and I used them (used several of them up). I had Claudine Helmuth's Acrylic paint but people brought whatever brand they had and they all worked beautifully. I borrowed some of my tablemate's colors that I didn't have and they worked equally as well. I can see myself using these pages for different things and I do have other ideas!

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