Saturday, June 29, 2013

Market List Clipboard

In the great "use my stuff up" attempt this year, I decided to make a clipboard for myself. My roommate used to work at a grocery years ago and has a tendency to refer to the place where we purchase food as "the stupid market." I have been hoarding up some Amy Tan paper and decided since the magnet fell off the back of the pad of paper kept on the fridge, this would be a good project.

Of course I added a bit more color to the page with some Art Anthology mists. They really are my favorite sprays right now, I love how bold they are and I love the bottles (*swoon). 

The pen I just happened to have on hand... I'm not sure how much longer the ink will last, but it's easily replaceable.  The bottom right corner is a bit dinged as I didn't realize when I first made it that I needed magnets that stuck out more because the back of the clipboard isn't perfectly smooth. (Sigh) But I still think it looks great! And, it's not too bumpy to actually use! (That was some major self restraint, so I just embellished with spray and some cutouts from a scrap of Amy Tan paper. I do still have bits and pieces of that paper collection still, I'm sure you'll be seeing more, but it's AWESOME so what can I say... such bright and happy colors, just like I LIKE ;)!

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