Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lamp Re-Do... THANKS Art Anthology!

So I've been wanting to buy a new lamp, but mostly just wanting the two matching lamps that are in the apartment that are kind of outdated to be more... with the times. So today I finished a re-do of one of them.

Here is what the lamp looked like before:

I used some alcohol inks to color the flower design on the body of the lamp, then decided that I should focus on the shade. So I took it off and tried coloring it with some tattered angel sprays, that was utter failure, the shade is made out of unnatural materials so they didn't fix. I didn't really know what to do because at that point the shade was pretty much trashed. Then, I remembered I had some burlap.

That was better already. Then I got out my favorite Jen Starr spray, Studio Blue. I tore some canvas (also just sitting in my stash) into some strips and sprayed the heck out of the canvas until I got a lovely coloring.

After I got the canvas died, I formed a big Heidi Swapp inspired bow, trimmed it with a scrap of pink lace, then used a copic marker to colorize some flatback pearls, attached them to the top, then got out some lovely Maya Road trim I've been hoarding and sprayed out the rest of my Tattered Angels Olive vine bottle on this trim which I attached to the bottom of the shade.

Here is the final result:

I think it looks so much better! Now to decide how to decorate lamp #2, it'll be going in a different room (of course... I don't want a matched pair of lamps in the same room...). 

Let me know what you think... I couldn't love that bow more!!!

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