Monday, July 21, 2014

For the Love of Lemon Pie

I got a kitchenaid mixer this year for my birthday, and I can NOT tell you how much I am loving this awesome kitchen tool. It DOES make a difference. Also, I am trying to USE my kitchenaid because it's fun and it makes things easier. I have gotten a couple of attachments because I plan on making jelly in a couple of weeks and that is exciting also! I had a bit of a virus in later June, it was going around work and on the 22nd I was at home and feeling miserable and watching Food Network, which inspired me to make a Lemon Pie... I think this pie helped me feel better faster!

This photo was made sans page protector.

These items mostly came from the Clique into Summer kit with that lemon wood piece coming from Elle's Studio and available in the Clique Kits Store. I also used some bits I had left over from previous kits like that little Pinkfresh Studios Wood Veneer arrow and those rub-ons from Amy Tan (still in the Clique Kits store I believe). There is also a printable peeking out from behind the photo of the mixer.

I only have a couple more pages of June to share and then I'll get to July. This past week has been really unusual in that I didn't scrap one day. I know, totally weird, I have just been EXHAUSTED. I have a scrapday planned for this week so don't worry... I'm back on my game. My work schedule has been weird for the month of July, I usually scrap more on the days I go in later but I've been opening everyday and can't get in a creative groove like this for some reason. Oh well, I've got my special time planned and can't wait! 

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