Thursday, June 19, 2014

Clique Into Summer

I know I've been talking about Clique Kits quite a bit, and on that note did you see I had another Substitute Teacher post up there yesterday??? Ok, now that you are back, it's time to be disappointed that I don't have a fantastic layout for you to see today.
A few AMAZING life events other than being the guest blogger happened to me yesterday.

 1. At work I intubated my first cat yesterday. (I work as a veterinary technician) I have been doing this to dogs for several months now and finally had the opportunity and manpower available for me to attempt it on a cat... they are a little more tricky.

2. I found out the tomatoes that I have growing on my balcony have been fruitful, along with some tiny blossoms, there is on teensy little tomato growing.

3. I talked to my Daddy and he gave me some background information on some old photos I have of him from the 50's and 60's. This is AWESOME!!!

4. I started working on my super awesome Summer School kit featuring Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine collection which is all rainbows and clouds and wonderfulness... Sigh...

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