Saturday, June 14, 2014

Class Kit and Watercolor Review

I got some exciting supplies this week. I received my Summer School Class kit featuring the Good Day Sunshine collection by Simple Stories and I LOVE this collection!!! The rainbows make me SWOON. The class kits are all sold out, but the class content is still for sale over at Clique Kits

The first session of Summer School was released this week, (week one of classes that is) and it was all about watercoloring and different techniques. I broke down and bought some watercolors for the class. They weren't the ones I really wanted, but they were available. I decided they needed to be video reviewed in case other people were wondering how they were so:

AND in case you hadn't heard yet... Clique Kits has a new feature this month, a guest blogger from one of their very own subbies and the first Substitute Teacher was ME!!!! I hope your week was wonderful and that all Father's Day plans go smoothly. HUGS!

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