Sunday, January 16, 2011

What else is going on here in 2011?

So you may ask yourself, is this woman really married? She talks about herself an awful lot here and pimps her scrappy style, but what else is going on at her house? Lemme tell you a little, and I mean just a little about that.
I have possibly the best DH in the entire world. He works hard, puts in more than his fare share of work around the house, and has started learning to cook again. This makes me SO VERY happy!
I love cooking (on occasion, not every day). I really, really enjoy the eating portion of the cooked food, but it's not always first on my list of things to do everyday. I try to cook a few times a week and have leftovers and cereal, salad and sandwich makings available the rest of the time. We are both trying to eat healthier and that means less pre processed (IE frozen) foods that are yummy and really bad for us. Don't get me wrong, there are a couple of hot pockets in the freezer as I type, but we're trying to make them less and less a part of our lives.
When DH decided he wanted to start cooking again (he makes the BEST egg rolls in the world, he used to cook chinese on a regular basis and it was GOOD) I made a recommendation in the form of Pioneer Woman as it has always been very hard in my own mind to prepare food that I've never eaten, Ree makes every recipe look doable. And that gets two big thumbs up in my world!
The first meal was cooked on Friday and it was YUMMY, we made critical notes about exactly how much spice we might like to have in this dish for future times, but I sincerely loved the dish. We had the Meatballs with Pepper and Pineapple and I will suggest to anyone who even thinks this might sound good, that you go cook some up yourself because it was SO good! I wish I had made a photo of our dishes, I'll have to start because he loved the experience. The directions were easy to follow and the photos were the BEST part. There was no question of does this look right, because there was always a pic to verify the progress.
Big Thanks to Ree and all her hard work! I hope everyone who reads this runs over to follow along. Can't wait for the new book!

Let me know if you try the food, we're gonna have Fried Round Steak and Crash Hot Potatoes this week. I feel so spoiled. Have I mentioned that I am now taking Zumba classes two nights a week? This good cooking may mean I need to bump it up to three. LOL! Off to craft a bit so I can video away.

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