Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bargain Ideas!

Okay so most of you may aready do this very same thing, but since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I'm gonna copy May Flaum here and let you know what I like to buy at after holiday sales. Anything solid colors. Many holidays have the same colors that will work. Christmas, Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Halloween can all use things in Red and White (although usually just the red is on sale LOL!) You can use Green in your spring/summer holidays/decor St. Patty's Day, Easter, My Birthday, even Halloween and Thanksgiving! (don't you love how I threw in the bday reminder LOLOL.)
I buy the stuff in green, black, purple and orange after Halloween because those colors work other seasons and not just plates and napkins, I have icing that I bought, black works anytime and green is almost as awesome for all the time. Orange has a lot of use as well and those icing tubes are in date for quite some time. I have solid color cupcake wrappers where my green is really pretty for Easter coming up and after last Easter I bought some "seasonal" plasticware that was clear with silver glitter inside that I used this Thanksgiving. LOVELY! (And so inexpensive!!)

Anyway, just wanted to share since I know there's still stuff at my stores on clearance now 80 percent off. There are some beaded things that are in colors like gold, silver, red and purple that would work for all the time or different seasons, but I think I am shopped out for the year and for sure my "Christmas" container of scrappy stuff is FULL! (The good news is, it WAS almost empty.)

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