Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Snowday? Maybe...

Today is a very exciting day. Today my oldest niece turns 29. It has been a really hard week for her because she lost someone very dear to her earlier in the year, and the funeral is supposed to be tomorrow. I pray she has peace in her heart.

The weather people are saying that we are going to have snow with ice (humph, I personally prefer snow with no ice) so I made an extra trip to the grocery store today. I work today, both Sunday kennel shifts so it was really super convenient to run by and pick up stuff for snow/ice weather. DH had bought real groceries on Friday, but I am in the mood to cook things we didn't have (of course). The cornbread is currently filling the house with heavenly aroma and shells are boiling to become shells and cheese. Chili is next on the billet. Boy, I'm really hungry. I'll get you some photos as it gets ready. I hope you are all warm and safe and having a lovely weekend. I have a project photo I'm going to be posting as soon as I go pull the cornbread out of the oven.

This IS cornbread, it's upside down because I tumped it out from the skillet onto a plate to cool (just in case someone didn't know.)

This is homemade chili (no beans per dh because he hates beans and I don't care as long as he'll eat). MMMMM, it's still simmering right now but it smells yummy and wow the taste test gets two thumbs up from me.

Homemade shells and cheese. Hope DH is happy surprised, I usually don't go with shells, but today they looked prettier than the spiral noodles I normally like to use. I am starving and now just need to decide what to eat first. BTW this is the best way to fill your house with lovely scents! No glade candle on earth smells this good!

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  1. Looks super yummy! I will take a plate please. lol


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