Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Photos, finally

Here is a pic of Brandon and I the day we went to Alabama Adventure...look how happy we are!!

This is some fabric that was given to me and I was told to make something...I have started my project, but as it didn't have a due date, it's taking a back seat to the projects that do!

This is a color kit "banana hammock" that I won from Gauche Alchemy. I love blog giveaways!!

This was my July haul from my Fiska-Secret-Sister!!! Wasn't she good to me!!!

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  1. Love your goodies!! Especially the fabric! Jealous over here. ;-) I could so see it as a hot corset style tank top or a trusty hand bag. Maybe even a skirt although I can't look and figure out the thickness of the material. Groovie lady!! :-)


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