Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Faves 08/28/09

This is going to be a quick list of lots to do and am so very tired tonight. I injured my left wrist at work today and will tell that story tomorrow. It is a little hard to type with two hands right now.

1. Having so much fun over at the fiskateers website/mb. If you are interesting in meeting lots of crafty folks and having LOTS of fun, check out my link on the right (no purchase of anything is required, just come on in, join and chat and play away!!!)

2. Swaps. I have now hosted my First swap with the Fiskateers, am hosting an ATC swap from my blog and am having so much fun creating for and with others... not to mention my secret sister here in Memphis at Eclectica and one through Fiskateers.

3. Getting projects done. This is another good thing about being involved in swaps with others...working towards a common goal helps me get there.

4. Crops. I love cropping with others. At home, at a friend's house or at my LSS. Went to a GREAT crop at Eclectica last weekend and have another booked for September. Ang and I were supposed to crop this weekend but she's sick and I hurt my wrist so...

5. Family support. My DH is so supportive of my craftiness. My other family members are too. My sister Carla is so supportive, she drafted me for a project that I'm going to be posting tomorrow, so check back in.

Love all...


  1. Get some rest! Those wrists are sacred!
    I'm excited about the ATC swap. A little nervous, too, but mostly excited. Thanks for including me. :)

  2. Great faves! It's awesome to have family support! I am so excited about the ATC swap! I gotta get making them!!!


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