Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Faves 08/21/09

This summer has been so very hard...but here are my five fav things that have been going on.

1. Sweet kittens in our home. We finally found a home for Dorian Gray (ok, so this didn't happen this week, but I love this photo!!)
1. My "Star Tours" ATC's went out (EARLY) for my swap at fiskateers! They are so cool, wish I could get a better photo of them but the base is acrylic and does not photo well. I'll try for more photos when I get them all back!
3. We got Starbuck Spayed...and decided to keep her. Her surgery went well and she didn't have all the problems Sayuri had with hers (thank goodness).
4. The above photo won a prize for me in a NO-SEW tutu making contests hosted by lead Fiskateer Angela...thanks to Tabitha her daughter loving this pic so...THANKS!!!
5. Inglourious Bastards click the link to watch the trailer...made me LAUGH out loud...but it is a bit violent. You should only see this if you are already a Tarentino fan, and it may be offensive if you're a Nazi.

Tomorrow is the big 12 hour birthday crop at Eclectica and I still haven't decided what project I'm gonna be working on but I've been looking forward to it forever. It's the first crop I'll be going to all by myself, but that's ok too. I know all the staff at Eclectica and am sure I'll at least know some of the ladies attending. I am usually the one who takes a seat next to someone I don't know at a crop anyway. I like meeting new scrappy peeps.

Love to all and TFL!!!


  1. AHHHHHH!!!... You just can't beat "a kitty in a tutu"!!!

  2. "it may be offensive if you're a Nazi."



  3. Ohhhhh..A 12 hour crop sounds like pure HEAVEN!!!
    You kitties are so very sweet!! Love the pictures!!!
    Joanie :)

  4. I love all day crops!!! My BFF and I usually do this at least once a month.

  5. Love that pic of Starbuck!! Are you a BSG fan?? I hope you had fun at the crop!! I am starting on my ATCs tomorrow!!


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