Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Favs 03/20/09

Okay, late this afternoon but Friday favs none the less: Have to be quick, wasn't off today like normal so please forgive! (not nec. in order)

1. Eclectica's page kit contest ( This is one of my lss and for 5.00 you purchase a page kit, use it's contents for a LO and turn in to be judged in April...can't wait to turn mine in!

2. March Bad Girl's Kit...OMG most fab kit yet...get yours or view at (
Can't wait to cut into this kit! Needed a shorter project on my day off so this will have to wait until the weekend.

3. Last Episode of BSG! (Sad it's the last, but Can't wait to watch!!!)

4. Watched Insurrection with DH on couch time with him!

5. Had Wednesday and Thursday off and then worked Friday (boo) but now have Saturday and Sunday off...YEAH!!!


  1. Happy Friday!!! great faves! Love the Bad Girl kit this month!! I think cutting those papers is going to make me cry!!

  2. Happy Weekend!!
    I know what you mean...the BG Kit is soooo pretty...I am anxious to create something with it!!!!
    Take care!!!
    Joanie :)

  3. Cant wait for my kit to arrive

    Great fives..Couch time with hubby is nice..mine has 80 hrs of training to do..all after work so right now i get lots of time in my room

    have a wonderful weekend =)

  4. Loved the BSG Final Episode! It couldn't have ended better I don't think. ;-) It was happy EVERYONE didn't die and the viper fight scenes were cool!!


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