Saturday, January 31, 2015

Valentine Wreath 2015

Today's post is a video project I did for SpiegelMomScraps Etsy Shop. If you like what you see on the video, you can use my coupon code: Charity10 for 10% off your supplies and make this project, or a version of it yourself. If you do use this project for inspiration I'd love for you to share it with me. I'm Scrapfaire on IG and you can use #IBScrapfaire and I'll see it easily! (that stands for inspired by scrapfaire)

These are the teaser pics I shared on IG, Facebook and Twitter:

The before:
I didn't hate this wreath, it was made as a Hanukkah decoration for the door in 2013 and I removed the Happy Hanukkah portion when the season was over, it worked.

I started seeing yarn wreaths on pinterest and have a pile of yarn I have collected (mostly from freecycle) and it needed to be used in a project. I LOVE these colors together.

After I went through my DT supplies I came out with these as possible decorations for my wreath.

This is a closeup of the focal area I LOVE how this turned out!!

And for the Process:

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