Thursday, January 1, 2015

I want to make ALL the THINGS!

I really do, right now, but I've just been wandering the internet trying to find out how to do more things. Crafting is such an important outlet to me. It's an escape when things around me are out of my control, when I'm too upset to actually start doing a project, it's REAL BAD. I also craft when I'm happy, it makes me smile to make something I think is cute or beautiful, or to record special memories. I've decided I will send more cards this year, not just birthday cards, but cards in general. So people KNOW I'm thinking of them. 2015 looks to have a lot in store for me, some I'm ready for and some I'll just have to get ready for. Here is a card I've mailed out already:

I made it this summer, with the supplies in my Simon Says Stamp card kit from July. I don't currently subscribe to the kits, but it's something on my wish list. I love the stamps that come with the kits. I am loving so many stamps lately. 

I have these on order I can't wait to get them:

Being able to combine hobbies is the BEST!! And I feel like this set is going to get USED quite a bit!

The roses are designed for multi-step stamping and I can't wait to make some lovely things with it!!! I love Paper Smooches stamps already and this set looks like one of those perfect for so many occasions stamps!

AND I have decided at some point this year I want to learn to spin using a drop spindle. But that is another thing all together. I have started a pair of socks (well one sock) and I want to cast on my owl sweater that I bought the pattern for. I also have a heart sweater pattern that I want to knit but don't have yarn for yet. AND I want to start running again... how is that for wanting all of the things asap :)

Love you all, I will probably do a layout later today, I'm not home right now, but I want to do a layout with some goals on it for 2015 like I did for 2014. Here was my Goal layout for 2014 for your review:

I wanted to average 2 layouts per month, while I haven't actually made two layouts a month my average was GREAT I made a total of 47 layouts (I'm only counting 12x12 layouts, not 6x8 ones for some reason, I did count 12x12 pocket page layouts) so I totally blew that goal out of the water. I totally made more photo heavy layouts with pocket pages AND I learned to just let loose and write my stories out on my pages. I have uploaded more blog posts and have been participating in a few challenges here and there, especially on flickr. I have applied to several design teams this year, but have been limiting them to ONLY places I would be really passionate about joining, I have to LOVE the products they use because I would then be getting deadlines to create with them. I have made it a point to participate with the monthly Pep Rallys with Clique Kits because I LOVE the kits and I want to show my love and support to the company. They are FANTASTIC and I want to buy all the special kits they have been coming out with... and I have been trying to contain myself. 
As for the organization, I have a few things in place but it's been getting out of hand, I have purged several times this year and I'm about to do a big purge again because I'll be visiting family and I have some family who would love the things I'm not using... and hopefully they will use them. I have loved the support I've gotten this year online. It was FABULOUS to guest design at Clique Kits, I can't tell you how special it made me feel.

Thanks to all your support for my little blog, It means so much to me. I hope 2015 is a fantastic year for you... and I hope you get to make all the things.

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