Thursday, January 7, 2010

Old tricks!

Ok so I told you I learned to post vids on YouTube. Then I told you I learned to do vids with Titles and voice and stuff...but it took me two days and some help from DH to load my vid with sound and titles LOL...still aren't sure what I was doing wrong but I kept getting and error and he got it up the first time (it was his FIRST time to load a video to YT) LOL!!! He was awesome though, it was the only thing I have been able to concentrate on since I filmed myself (I look aweful in the video though). Hope you enjoy and now I have to go to my "real" job but I'm off work this weekend and hope to get some scrappies done.

Everything that wasn't handmade by me was purchased at my fav LSS


  1. You rock! I love the book and the video!

  2. awesome job!!! Way to go hun!!

  3. video was great sooo good seeing you and hearing you the book was pretty and you did a great job
    love you

  4. You did a GREAT job!!! On the book AND the video!!! It really made me miss you!


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