Sunday, January 10, 2010

I love my...

CRICUT!!! I finally got the dresser downstairs and am converting part of the dining area into my scrap area. I needed a place where I could be more scrap social LOL! With not only DH but it was a pain to crop out of a crop bag when we had company so now I'm in a much more social area of the house. When I finish I'll take pics and you can be the judge (I didn't know I had so much stuff!!! LOL)

Yesterday I hung my clip-it-up wall units and my organizer that T gave me for Christmas... I LOVE THEM!! So inspiring to have beautiful stuff out to look at. Now I just need to clean up upstairs and finish filling drawers with embellies. I am taking this opportunity to pare down. My Cricut replaces some old tools I had for circle cutting and the like so I think I'm gonna have some stuff to go in Eclectica's yard sale. Whew...this has been SOME WORK.

I plugged in my bug last night and made a dozen mini envelopes, just because I could. I cropped at T's today and made a CUTE mini to give as a thank you to some friends who brought me a gift from Disney World. I'll video it after I bind it, it's CUTE!!


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