Monday, January 25, 2010

OH well, it's Monday.

So the "thing I worry about most" happened today. I called in sick to work. That's not really what I worry about. I woke up with a splitting sinus headache and an upset stomach (not sure why, but these often come at the same time for me). I got up, tried to drink coffee and will myself to feel better and go on to work. I'm training someone and I HATE not to be there as an example...but I also hate to show up sicky and give the impression we want people working when they're ill. But anyway, I called in and was told it was no problem (I never call in unless I AM SICK). The other regularly scheduled receptionist called in too. (I didn't learn this until someone called to check on me, cause like I said I don't call in unless I have to.) This is what I have lived in fear of for a while now, and honestly it made me feel sicker because I felt like I let the clinic down. Not that they want me there when I feel really bad, but come on, someone has to show up. I hate feeling the pressure of the MOST RESPONSIBLE. I'm no better than any other employee there who has a key and the responsibility of showing up every day...whatever. I finished my mini I was working on as a thank you gift yesterday and WHA LA punched the holes incorrectly with my binderie...they don't line up. Not sure how to "fix" this right now and am SO FRUSTRATED. I want to have it finished and posted on youtube. ARGH...mailed out a circle journal today and realized that as pretty as I thought it was, I didn't photo it. Oh well, at least I'm caught up for now. I need to make some cards for later this year and POST SOME PHOTOS...bear with me all. I'm working way more hours than I had planned to be working while taking two classes this time around. The only good thing is that DH is totally supportive of my hobby. A friend here told me I should put together some kits...anyone else interested in a minibook or page kit I put together??? If so sound off and I'll throw some up on Etsy (I certainly have enough stuff to do it with!)


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