Saturday, May 3, 2014

Once Upon a Time Layout with Process Video

It's been a while since I did a process video, and while I love watching and even making them, I feel like my setup is less than ideal... and I always feel like I fight with my camera. So I made a process video and when I was trying to upload from my sd card, some of the files were corrupted so I lost the last part of the video. I have stills of the finished layouts to share first:

The journalling is really the important part of this layout. and I was worried in the beginning of how much space I needed to leave, but I really wanted all these photos together. They were my favs from when I got married, and in 1996 polaroids were our instagram! LOL. Here is a link to the process video, any feedback at all is appreciated. HAPPY SCRAPBOOK DAY! I am actually going to an event this afternoon so I'm not sure how much crafty time I'll be getting in, but I plan on doing SOME scrappy stuff today. Can't wait to see all the layouts going up on Instagram. Hugs!!


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