Saturday, May 17, 2014

Can I fix it? Yes I can!

I dropped my phone the other day (this is my favorite time reference btw) and shattered the glass. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and while it used to be THE thing, that time has passed so when I took it to the mall to have it repaired (to the tune of 130.00 at the cheapest place) I was told that they had no glass for my phone. I went to two places at the mall and tried calling a third in the area and no luck. Long story short, had repair kits for less than $20.00 and as I'm a Prime member and wouldn't have to pay shipping, I decided to give it a go. I repaired my own screen. AND then made a layout:

I love so much about this, where do I start?!?  Ok this is made with products from my May kit from Clique Kits. As soon as I got this kit I videoed it's contents here:

I then took the printables and went ahead and printed them and cut them out. They are sitting with my kit bits and pieces so they are ready to go, I also took the gold foil paper and cut all the cut files out of it so I could use them as I scrap. There are so many sheets of paper here that I just want to hoard, but no... I must use them ;). The green paper in the background has some white paint that I used with a new stencil I picked up at my LSS... on this layout it looks like a motherboard to me, but it's called Subway

If you are new to using Stencil's then can I PLEASE recommend this class by May Flaum (tell her Scrapfaire said you HAD to take it... so much content). 

Anyway I love this kit and the stuff I threw in with it (um come to think of it, I just added pics, a few thickers and that um blue textured paper and the stencil... everything else came from the kit. 

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