Thursday, March 6, 2014

It was a very good day!

This past Sunday was spent at Scrapbooks-Plus which is my LSS in Chantilly, VA! I love going there for classes and SUNDAY was a MIXED MEDIA BOOTCAMP with none other than Jen Starr!!!

SO many new products and mediums to play with! AH!!! I also picked up a new stencil that I think looks like the death star window.

There were actually three classes, we worked with basic color theory for several hours then we worked with dyes and stencils and different mediums in the other two classes!

It was so much fun!! I am loving the stencil work and I wonder why I don't use the ones I have more often... I'll def have to work on that! I suggest if you see her coming to a LSS near you that you check it out!!

Here is that Crafter's Workshop Stencil I was telling you with the image like the Death Star. Look at the upper lefthand corner and the bottom righthand corner. The artist is Rebekah Meier and this stencil is my introduction to her.

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