Saturday, March 22, 2014


I love my Cameo! Let me state that and get it out of the way first. That being said, sometimes you need to do a practice cut. I find that when I'm working on a 3d object and it's going to take my whole special piece of paper that it works better if I cut one to practice with that it goes smoother and I don't mess up my "special" paper. The silhouette store has a 50% off sale right now so I'm using that to my advantage (um or I was buying up shapes I wanted until I had to go buy 4 new tires this week... sigh). Anyway I picked up a few CUTE purse shapes by Samantha Walker and went about trying to cut out my fav with some paper that I had been hoarding... making the special lovely hoarded paper turn in to...

So I pulled out a sheet of paper that I liked, but simply hadn't used yet as opposed to having hoarded it in my stash for a few years... took a deep breath and cleaned out my blade (sometimes that sucker holds on to a piece of paper and can't cut like you want it to... it's just maintenance, she was trying). Then I got to this lovely: 

Simply ADORABLE! Now, what to do... ok so def when I make it again it will have the buckles either out of a metallic paper (I have some from Chickaniddy Crafts that would be perfect). And a few other accents like brads or something to make it even more lifelike. OMG it's so cute. And what to do with them, well Easter is coming and some birthdays are coming up. It is adorable and will sit on the palm of my hand. I shrunk the file just a tiny bit so that all of the pieces fit comfortably on a 12x22 sheet of paper, I wonder how big I can get it...This purse is about 5 inches long at the bottom and a bit over six inches tall at the top of the handles. This paper is by Fancy Pants. I hope you like, I've made some cards inspired by a recent Jennifer McGuire video that I'll be sharing next week and I'm off Sunday and Monday this coming week (because I work today) so hopefully I'll be inspired to make something wonderful to share with you. Hugs everyone and I hope you have a lovely day. What are you making this weekend?

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