Thursday, January 30, 2014

Craftosphere chatting.

I'm sitting here thinking of a few things and reading some blogs and I wanted to let you know/get some feedback from you on a few things. There were some new companies out at CHA that caught my eye (I mean as far as my eyes go, they were scouring the interwebs for what's coming, what's new... who has what.

This company had such cool: STUFF (not paper but STUFF).

They have all sorts of what I'M calling paper accessories, masks, washi, sequins... the stuff you need as finishing touches.

This company has a refreshing color pallette and some amazing looking specialty papers that I can't wait to get my hands on. I LOVE all these soft colors right now!!

I also heard from the Daily Digi Podcast and Paperclipping that some people are worried about the state of the scrapbook companies. I think they are going to be just fine. Personally I like that it's more general crafting and papercrafting rather than so scrapbook specific. I think it's good for their business that "regular" people get to know about patterned paper and cardstock. The more they buy, the more we have to choose from. AND the more people will want the products to be available. I'm certainly trying to do my part to support the companies that are making things I want to use.

Hugs everyone and don't forget to get your craft on! I'm about to be on an extended overnight petsitting gig and I'm SO excited. I usually get a lot of crafting done when I'm petsitting... I really hope to get some card stockpile going.

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