Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Projects I got, photos I've Not LOL

Ok, so I have been working on lots of projects, but right now I am in gift and DT tryout mode and so I've not been posting bloggy photos as of yet. Fear not photos are on the way. I'll try to get at least a teaser shot up this afternoon. Would that be fun??? Do ya'll have big plans this weekend. It's my last holiday of the year to work (ok, last one scheduled at this point provided everyone who works there still works there or has been replaced by new people as more holidays come up LOL). T works as well and so she and I have decided to have a happy scrappy 4th since the shifts will only be 1 hour or so twice a day... we can eat good food, go swimming at her neighbors and even get our scrap on. I plan on taking Kayla with me to play with her girls so I don't have to worry about her being home alone with the cats (she misses me you know). We are about to celebrate having Starbuck for one whole year...I can't believe she's only been here a year (LOL). She's going bonkers for a toy that has a jingle bell on it right now (she loves LOUD toys) and if I don't "play" with her as often as she likes, she goes over and eats my scrapbook paper that is laying out. Don't worry, I know she does this for attention and
1. She is NOT eating enough of it to hurt herself...she is really just chewing the end a bit.
2. She only does this when she wants attention. If I'm not home, she doesn't touch the stuff over there.

Oh how I love her!

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