Monday, June 14, 2010

FYI...what's been going on. (ranting is involved, sorry)

Lots of exciting (no all good) been happening lately but the long and short of it is:

C***ast turned off my internet on June 5 because someone was hijacking my cable...
but couldn't let me know that until someone physically came to my home and looked at my box, then I found out that even though I have called and requested to receive internet only (no cable) that I still have cable coming to my home.

I thought I would croak not being able to have internet in my home from Saturday until Tuesday.

The C***ast tech that came to fix our problem came and hour earlier than our appt time (not all bad, see!).

My "service engine soon" light came on Wednesday right before I got to work (as my car started shaking).

I put my car in the shop THAT MORNING at 8am...when the place opened and asked if I could pick it up at 10am (I have a 10-2 break in shifts at work), was told no problem (my car was ready to pick up at 5:30pm.

Went scrapping with Mary E and T on Saturday and... my car died. (It's still not fixed but we have it narrowed down to two expensive options).

I did get some creative stuff done but ya'll it is HOT and I just haven't been up to shooting pics to post. I will do that this week. I feel so guilty for last week, but I also feel like it's not over being last week yet.

On an even happier note I went to church with a new friend AC and had a GREAT time on Sunday. I even went to lunch with her, her dh and her fam. They treated me like I had been there forever practically and I loved it.

Thanks for dropping by and I'll make it scrappier next time. Hugs to ya'll and I hope your day was great.

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  1. Hey busy happens!! I have a couple of blogs sitting but not published yet due to lack of pic uploading. Big Hugs to ya! I hope all works out with the car. :-)


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