Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hello Thursday came early???

So I was just bloggy hopping around and saw a post about the new pre-order carts at Custom Crops...can't believe these previews are up ahead of the official announcement, or did I not get mine? Anyway just click on the names to preview the images. Not sure which ones  I need yet (other than Mini Monsters) LOL! The funny thing is I was just catching up on google reader and thanks so much Capadia.

Cindy Loo
Freshly Picked
Mini Monsters
Wall Decor and More

Not sure how long these will be up, but if you're like me and need to start saving...check them out now!
Sorry that I haven't posted anything this week. Got some more projects done for others and made my own Mother's Day card and mailed it to Mom. I'll share if she wants it posted, but I didn't want to chance a post getting pubbed early and ruining her surprize. I hope she liked it, she was out of town yesterday and as of right now so she hasn't seen it yet, but it should be sitting in her mailbox. (I've already told her Happy Mother's Day!)

Also wanted to share that I have confirmed Carpal Tunnel in both arms and am being treated right now with NSAIDS and orthopedic splints so bear with me. It's like learning to type all over again. Good news is, I can craft in splints!
Hugs everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's!!!

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