Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sharing is scary...in your pj's!!!

Oh I have to tell you. I know most of you (or several of you anyway) know I am obsessed with UnKit Live every Monday night. The past few weeks, the after party has been at Vokle and lemme tell you it is uber cool! I'm gonna have to try and find out how to not feel so unfamiliar with it (read this as learn to use it...LOL). I've been sharing projects at the after party and it's really fun...I still need to work out that stage left from actual left with the camera but woo hoo...I did it!
I also think the best part is since I watch UnKit in my pj's usually then that's what everyone sees LOL...but the projects are cool anyways :). I need to finish and do a vid on the project I showed last night. I'll work on that today and Wednesday because the book has to go back to the scrapstore to be shown off again on Thursday (I promised a friend she could see it).


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