Thursday, September 3, 2009

The hills are alive...with Nazi's

If you know me well enough, or if you're reading this: I love Julie Andrews. I think I've seen almost everything she's done (including Victor/Victoria a couple of times). I know I've seen all her Disney stuff (except maybe the Princess Diaries she in that???) Anyway not that Julie Andrews was in this, but last Sunday afternoon I went to see the Theatre Memphis' production of The Sound of Music. It was quite good. Some parts better than others. The lead had a very good voice and did a fantastic job of belting out the tunes. I would have to say though that the nuns, were my favorite voices. The guy playing the Captain was a very good singer, but alas he didn't make my heart pitter patter the way it does when I watch the movie. Oh and the songs in the live performance that weren't in the movie version...not Rogers and Hammerstein's best...I know why they were left out. Anyway I had a FANTASTIC time but I did get amused at the fact that just a couple of weeks ago I was also watching Nazi's run around in an audience. Oh and when the Nazi troops were referred to as storm troopers...ok I cracked up. This apparently offended some little old lady behind me who admonished me in front of EVERYONE when the show was over (I was actually SPEECHLESS for once in my life... did she really think I was laughing at people running from Nazis... I don't think I even look like a skinhead...) oh and she was sure to point me out to more people on her way out the door. Whatever. I hope that she realizes that surely that's not what I was laughing at... I read the Diary of Anne Frank for goodness sake. I saw the movie too. I know Nazi's aren't funny (unless you see Inglourious Basterds anyways...). Stormtroopers now, they can be FUNNY!!!


  1. LOL!!! Storm trooper nazis! Interesting... There is a movie coming out called Zombie Nazis or something like that... check it out.. looks kinda funny!

  2. I can't tell you how many times I've been reminded that the word Stormtrooper referred to Nazi's when I have been at a 501st event with the hubby. In fact, when he use to wear his StarWars officer uniform all the time, tons of people called him a Nazi! Ugh!


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