Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weather, problems and cuteness!

So we went from snow trying to melt on days higher than freezing, to a balmy wonderful day I almost missed completely because I was knitting and since I'm new to it, it totally absorbed my attention. Then fast forward to a Monday that is miserable and rainy and then back to COLD. But I digress. Paper Smooches had their new release on Saturday and due to the sneak peeks I ordered stamps before getting to work at 7am. I got my notice that my order was shipped before I left work at 6pm Saturday night and MY STAMPS came MONDAY!! How is that for awesomeness???

And here they are

And I had to start coloring that Unicorn right away...

So far I'm just playing with my coloring of them but they make me smile!!! The unicorn set is called Spectrum and it's brand new, the other set is Metropolis and it has been in my sites for a while, but I knew those tiny images on it would work for my unicorn rumps so I had to order them together. Alas I thought I was coming down with kidney stones but it turns out I have just somehow injured my back. I went to the doctor today and got some lovely advice (rest and stretch) which I was already doing, and a dose of ibuprofen that's supposed to be helpful for healing (not what I was taking, she said it wasn't enough). So I colored that little bit and then couldn't really sit up anymore. The knitting I do better in a reclining position so that has been my craft of choice this weekend. Here's hoping I get more pretty stuff done soon.

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