Thursday, August 30, 2012

Halloween Frame Mini

I enjoy watching craft videos (duh) and was watching some over at My Craft Channel and was inspired by a video that I can no longer find listed on their channel... I'm not sure if it's gone or just out of their current lineup, but I am loving the variety I can see over there, it's not just scrapping.

Anyway I was inspired by a video where Heidi Swapp made a mini that she attached to an awsome frame that she had purchased. Going with my trying to use up my stuff thing I have going on, I decided to create a halloween themed mini using a frame that I've had at home forever. I did not paint the frame or anything, I just pulled it out of a box. It was already crackle finished.

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  1. Charity this is awesome! You are SOOO talented! Thanks for the video ~


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