Monday, May 23, 2011


So last week my new semester at school (read this as my online class that I take) started and I forgot all about it because of my exciting week at the clinic. I got to work as an actual technician for two days because people called in sick so that was awesome. Saturday was it's normal chaotic self and I also got to help perform chest compressions in an ACTUAL EMERGENCY situation. (no, the pet did not make it) It was a really exciting and rough week and I wish I could share the gorey details, but alas I don't think it would make for good blogging (certainly not if you were eating anyway, LOL) I have gotten in some awesome stuff and have been working on cleaning my craft space. I REALLY hope to get the table cleared off enough today and then I am going to be filming some haul and giveaway vids. (You do NOT want to miss the giveaway vid!)

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